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Live Love Lash London

Our Beauty Services

At Live Love Lash London, we offer several aesthetic services that will help you save time in your make-up routine. With everything from eye care, laser hair removal, powder brows, to spray tans, we are here to serve you, and help you reach your beauty goals!

If you’re coming from another lash artist, please book a free complementary consultation appointment to ensure that the work was done properly and that we are able to work on it.


Eyelash Extensions

These lashes are semi-permanent fibers attached to your natural eyelashes in order to make your lash fringe look longer, fuller, and darker. Click learn more to see what types of eyelash extensions we offer!


Lash Lift & Tint

A lash lift & tint instantly makes your lashes look so much longer, and filler. The lift & tint procedure requires less maintenance than eyelash extensions. Live Love Lash is dedicated to giving you the highest standards and quality.


Brow Henna

Brow henna creates an illusion of depth and fullness to the brow. This application will save you from the time and effort used to fill in your eyebrows with make-up.


Brow Threading

Our eyebrow threading service is a quick and cost efficient alternative to waxing. We are very precise, and it is the most gentle form of hair removal. Some of our customers say that this service hurts less than waxing!


Brow Tinting

Our efficient eyebrow tinting gives the same effect of brow make-up, bold beautiful and defined eyebrows, without adding time to your make-up routine. Sit back, and relax while we do the tinting!


Facial Threading

This temporary hair removal procedure involves using two intertwined cotton threads to remove unwanted hairs and reshape eyebrows. Facial threading can also remove dead skin to lighten complexions and make the skin appear healthy and youthful. It’s incredibly precise and perfect for sensitive skin!

Young woman having professional eyebrow correction

Facial Waxing

The Live Love Lash team offers precise facial waxing work with minimal regrowth - the results last 2-3 weeks, which is longer than other facial hair removal solutions! From the eyebrows to the chin, our team offers a full suite of facial waxing services.

body sugaring

Body Sugaring

Body sugaring is all-natural and has been used for many years. Body sugaring is more gentle on the skin compared to waxing. Our team provides very precise, very fast results. Learn more about our body sugaring and book with us today!

Microblading. Cosmetologist making permanent makeup


We use fine-point needles to put a semi-permanent pigment just below the surface of the skin. The results are fuller, bolder eyebrows with more depth. You’ll find that they last more than a year before fading, and with no work on your part!



Facials are one of the most popular spa treatments, and we add our own flavours to it. A Live Love Lash facial is one of the best ways to take care of your skin. We cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish your skin, leaving it clear, well-hydrated, and looking younger.

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Spray Tanning

Spray tanning is a form of sunless tanning in which we spray a fine mist onto the body. Good for skin, spray tanning is an easy process and dries quickly, meaning you won’t spread your colour to others!

Beautiful Young Blond Woman with Perfect Skin

Teeth Whitening

Live Love Lash offers a non-invasive teeth whitening treatment that uses pain-free blue light technology. It’s a quick, easy treatment - you’ll walk out with a whiter, brighter smile! Book with us today!

Microneedling01-e1637347386913london ontario (1)


Get professional microneedling services in London, Ontario from Live Love Lash! Do you want to get rid of scars, wrinkles, sun damage, and other skin concerns? Achieve brigher skin, reduce your wrinkles, even skin tones, and reduce pore size. Book with us!

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Manicures & Pedicures

The finest way to relax your hands and feet is with a manicure and pedicure from Live Love Lash! We provide a wide selection of therapies to rejuvenate, refresh, and beautify you, all in a warm, inviting spa-like setting.

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Hair Extensions

Do you want to add length, volume, or colour to your hair but are hesitant to commit to a particular cut or style? Hair extensions are the perfect option for your hair demands, allowing you to create or enhance a style without having to wait for growth or commit to a trim.

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Laser Hair Removal

Book professional laser hair removal treatment services in London, Ontario from Live Love Lash! Get effective and pain-free laser hair removal treatment for your body. Book your appointment online easily.



Our regular makeup beauty services are perfect for special events and weddings. Tatiana is a pro makeup artist from the Ukraine. Specializing in natural, soft glam or mega glam.

Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination

Brow lamination brings amazing and beautiful texture to your eyebrows and last for 4-6 weeks. Book professional brow lamination services in London, Ontario with Live Love Lash! Achieve full brows with your desired shape and design.


Meet Our Beauty Experts

Our beauty experts consist of Pana, Bri, Jessica, and Holly. These lovely ladies have amazing personalities and love adding their own flare to each experience and beauty service.

Certified Lash Technicians

Live Love Lash London is trained in various certifications. Live Love Lash has completed courses through LashLine on Classic Lashes and Volume Lashes. All of Lash Line's products and courses are accredited, tested and thoroughly researched to ensure the best quality and performance.


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C Wilson

They are amazing! Great attention to detail, knowledgeable, friendly, professional and amazing at what they do!

Yasmine Sadiku

My lashes look amazing. I got Russian volume and they are soo full fluffy dark and long. Would highly recommend going to her if you want perfect lashes!

Krystal Fajloun

Great experience, the girls are awesome!
Love my natural looking lashes!:)

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