Body Sugaring VS Waxing

As the body’s largest organ, our skin demands respect, but everybody’s skin has different, complex needs. When looking for ways to pamper your body, you’ve probably come across mentions of body sugaring. But how does body sugaring work, and is it a better option than waxing? Continue reading for some of the pros and cons of two vastly different hair removal methods.

What Is Body Sugaring?


Let’s clear the air: body sugaring is not merely scrubbing with sugar. It is a method of hair removal that has been used since the ancient days of Greece and Mesopotamia. A warm paste is applied to the area and massaged in a way that agitates the hair follicle while removing dead skin. This treatment has been rediscovered, revitalized, and adapted for the modern day.


The Ingredients


bodyTraditionally, the substance used in body waxing is a warmed pot of naturally occurring waxes, pitch, and essential oils. Meanwhile, the ingredient list for body sugaring looks positively mouthwatering. Instead of beeswax or rosin, the substance is made from sugar, lemon juice, and water. Other ingredients like vanilla or lavender can be added for an aromatherapeutic effect.


The Process


The ingredients list for body sugaring makes it sound more like a dessert recipe than a recipe for relaxation. But the indulgence doesn’t stop there. Body sugaring paste does not need to be heated in the same way as body wax; the ingredients, while basic, are gentle enough to be used virtually anywhere on the body. Brows, cheeks, and upper lips are popular areas.

Wax is applied in strips along the skin, and once it has cooled just enough to settle along the hair growth, it is removed by the quick, precise hands of an aesthetician. Body sugaring allows skin that’s sensitive to heat to enjoy the quick-pull style of hair removal without anxiety of potentially too-hot wax. Both methods are suitable for hair of any type, but waxing removes hair against its natural direction of growth, whereas sugaring takes the hair with it.


Which One Works?


bodyBoth waxing and sugaring remove hair to reveal soft, glowing skin, but sugaring has the added benefit. Waxing and sugaring results vary based on the individual’s rate of hair growth. The results of either procedure last about 4 weeks.

What works like a dream for some may be extremely uncomfortable for others. Listen to your body. Depending on the kind of temperature, texture, and stimulation your skin prefers, you just might fall in love with what body sugaring or waxing can do for you.

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