Facial Waxing

Eyebrows, lips, ears, chins, noses, cheeks, and sideburns are just a few of the facial waxing services that we offer. We offer precise work, and minimal regrowth. Facial waxing results lasts about 2-3 weeks which is longer than other facial hair removal solutions.

How It Works

You can choose between either warm or cool wax. This wax hardens against the area of skin with unwanted hairs. It's then removed quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth, taking the roots along with it. If you're looking for long-lasting smoothness, then facial waxing may be an option worth considering.

Young woman having professional eyebrow correction procedure in beauty salon, closeup

Why It's Great

Young woman having eyebrow correction procedure in beauty salon
  • Waxing can provide more accuracy than other procedures
  • The results could last up to six weeks
  • Minimal regrowth
  • Minimal or no stubble
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