Hair Extensions

Are you looking to add length, volume, or colour to your hair but don't want to commit to a specific cut or style? Hair extensions are the ideal solution for your hair needs, creating or enhancing a style without you having to wait for growth or settle on a cut. Come to the Live Love Lash team for a consultation and learn what hair extension option would be right for you!

What Kinds Of Hair Extension Are There?

There are several kinds of extensions to choose from:

  • Nano link extensions use a small bead to attach the extension to the client's natural hair.
  • Hand tied weft use your hair to build rows which the wefts are then sewn to.
  • 6D hair extensions are so-named because the method involves a machine attaching six separate hair extensions at once. 6D extensions are fast becoming the hair extension method of choice for most users for obvious reasons.

What Hair Extensions Are Best For Me?


Everyone is different, so not one hair extension is best for all clients. Choosing the right extension depends on many factors, including hair thickness, length, commitment to maintenance, health, and more. Your Live Love Lash stylist will offer different methods to suit different hair types. Come in for a free consultation; one of our experts will examine your hair and suggest the best style for you.

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