Manicures and Pedicures

A manicure and pedicure from Live Love Lash is the best way to treat your hands and feet! We provide a wide range of services designed to reinvigorate, refresh, and beautify, all offered in a warm, welcoming spa-like atmosphere. Nothing feels better than reenergizing your body, mind, and spirit, and with a mani-pedi, you can do just that right down to the nails!

What Goes Into Your Manicure Services?

Manicures are a relaxing way to treat yourself, a loved one, or as a party. We'll gently shape and buff your nails, groom your cuticle area, and apply a coat of your choice of polish. We use proper procedures and clean tools during the manicure process, keeping the whole process sanitary while you relax and enjoy the experience.


What Goes Into Your Pedicure Services?


A pedicure cleans and beautifies your feet, keeping the nails trimmed and feet free of hardened or dead skin. We can gently smooth out any calluses, provide a relaxing leg and foot massage, and groom the nails. The cleansing, moisturizing effects of our pedicures will keep your feet looking and feeling fresh and gorgeous for a long time!

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