Powder Brows

So many semi-permanent makeup solutions keep eyebrows looking on point without any maintenance. One incredible innovation is the powdered brow look. Powder brows have a soft makeup look without the person having to apply it every morning, which is great for clients looking to simplify their makeup routines!

What Are Powder Brows?

Powder brows are a cosmetic semi-permanent makeup technique that creates a soft powder effect on eyebrows, much like the one you'd get from your favourite powder makeup. We produce the powder effect through a shading technique using a permanent makeup device that's similar to a tattoo gun. A trained Live Love Lash artist will use a small needle to place pigment below the skin with a quick hand motion, creating a pixelated effect that simulates powdered makeup.

powder brows

Who Would Benefit From Powder Brows?

powder brows

Powder brows are an incredible choice for people who draw on their eyebrows every day. The results are some of the most natural-looking of any semi-permanent makeup solution. It's also an alternative for clients who aren't good candidates for microblading; their skin might be too oily for that eyebrow-focused cosmetic procedure, but powder brows are great for any skin type!

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