Spray Tanning

LiveLoveLash offers spray tans using one of the most innovative, easy-to-use booths on the market. Don’t settle for an ugly, uneven orange before an important day - choose our team and we’ll get the best look possible!

If you’re coming from another lash artist, please book a free complementary consultation appointment to ensure that the work was done properly and that we are able to work on it.

How It Works

In order for you to maximize the benefit, carefully follow the instructions that our aesthetician will provide - if you prepare properly, the results will be fantastic, regardless of the reason. If you are on a schedule - getting married, having a photo shoot done, or performing any other once-in-a-lifetime event - we recommend that you do a trial run roughly two weeks in advance to ensure you have the right colour.

spray tanning service

Why It's Great

Tanned girl's body on white background
  • Leave with a natural-looking tan
  • Streak-free coverage for an even appearance
  • No UV exposure - this tan won’t harm your skin
  • The bronzer won’t leave a residue
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